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Word Search Puzzle Games

free word search puzzle games app

Free Word Puzzle game for you to play on iPad for free! You can have thousands of unique games at different levels with colorful pictures generated by this iPad app. Kids can learn and play at the same time!


Numbers Learning App

free numbers games educational app

This is a completely free education app that can dynamically generate unlimited unique math worksheets for young kids to learn numbers, compare numbers, and build up number sense in a fun way.


Skip Counting Games

play skip counting games on iPad

Fun and free education app that help kids form age 2 to 6 learn skip counting, includes skip count by 2, count by 3, count by 5, and simple addition with sound help.


Fun Observation Games

free Fun Observation Games  app

Free observation games app that can generate thousands of unique games that are very challenging and fun for players in all age group! Enjoy playing with dinosaurs and sea animals.


Addition and Subtraction App

addition and subtraction learning apps on iPad

A fun math app that generate thousands of adding and subtracting math problems on your iPad. It is easy to use and fun for kids to add and subtract pictures, add and subtract numbers.


Fun Observation Games

free Fun Observation iphone  app

Download this free iphone apps that create unlimited numbers of fun obervations games for players to look at two picture and find the difference between them.


Christmas Games App

Christmas games on ipad, free and fun

12 fun and free Christmas games for kids to celebrate the holiday and learn at the same time. Very kids-friendly and easy to use Christmas holiday theme app on your iPad.

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