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Shapes and Counting Math Worksheets - Count to 5

Beginning shapes and counting worksheets for kids to count shapes and then match to the right number. This series of free printable math worksheets has 3 different levels: count to 5, count to 10, and count to 20.

Young children will also learn shapes circle, triangle, square,rectangle, diamond, and more.

free math games for preschool
Count numbers of squares, circles, and triangles and match to the right number
counting math games
Draw lines to match counting of shapes to the right number
printable matching game
Count numbers of shapes up to 5, learn shapes with different colors
free kids count math worksheet
Counting and matching printable game sheet
learn shapes and counting worksheet
Learn shapes and numbers math worksheet
printable kids matching games
Count up to 5. Preschool worksheets
free math worksheets for preschool
Counting math games
count to match
Counting math game
color and counting
Count and shapes
free math worksheets for early childhood
free math worksheets for kindergarten
preschool math worksheets
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